10% OFF Orders of $25+. Free 6 Pack Mystery Tarts with Orders of $40 or More.
10% OFF Orders of $25+. Free 6 Pack Mystery Tarts with Orders of $40 or More.
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Shipping, International Customers & Discount Info.

FREE Shipping- IF YOU NEED YOUR ORDER QUICKER PLEASE PICK EXPEDITED SHIPPING- For Free Shipping for Candle, Tart, & Fragrance Oil Orders Please Check the CURRENT ORDERS BEING HANDPOURED Page to see what Order Dates Angie is currently pouring. Please keep track of your order date, we will send periodic emails with the current order dates being handpoured.  If ordering just Home Decor the order will ship quicker.  The majority of our items are Hand-Poured per order (including the items that have a stock count).  We offer Free Shipping and to keep this shipping method we have a longer turnaround time.

Expedited Shipping- We offer this option for Candle, Tart, & Fragrance Oil orders- leaves our facility within 4-6 Business Days (M-F excluding USPS Holidays).   Expedited Orders do not apply to items that ship separately (see below).

Bag Selection- When viewing your cart you have that option to pick your tart bags.  Options are between the Cello Design Bags and Clear Zip Lock Polypropylene Bags. If an option is not selected the tarts will come in either bag.

Ships Separately- Home Decor and Diffusers will ship separately. 

International:  We offer actual Shipping Internationally based on weight. For International Packages we are Not responsible for custom charges or items lost in transit. It may take 3-4 weeks for items to reach international customers once they ship here. We do not ship Home Decor, Diffusers, or Bath & Body Internationally- unless you are shipping to a US Forwarding address like www.mymallbox.com

Coupon Codes/Discounts- You must use code to receive the discount. We no longer apply a discount on combined orders if you order more than once in one day. We also do not offer refunds for ordering multiple quantities in the quick order section (for instance if you order 2-6 packs we do not offer a 12 pack discount price unless your order the 12 pack).  We do not offer discounts or free items for combined orders.