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Blueberry Cotton Candy Warming Oils

Blueberry Cotton Candy Warming Oils

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Description: Blueberry Cotton Candy- (In House Blend) Blend of Momma's Blueberry Cobbler and Cotton Candy.

Just add our Warming Oils to your wax warmer with no other additives need. Just pour into your warmer and enjoy and when you want to change the scent just throw the oil away and add new.

Made with Natural Sweet Almond Oil or Walnut Oil and Fragrance Oil. Great scent throw! A great way to make your own scent blends too, just add a combination of warming oils into your warmer.

Ingredients: Natural Sweet Almond Oil or Walnut Oil, Fragrance Oil (may come in contact with waxes and colors in our facility)

Shake Well Before Use

(measured by weight not volume).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brenda P.

First time order.
I got cotton candy, blue berry cotton candy, and sugar cookies! We loved them all. Great Products

Tammy L.

Great smell.
Great smell. Going to use it to make air freshener for my car.