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10% OFF Orders of $25+. Free 6 Pack Mystery Tarts with Orders of $40 or More.
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Fragrance Oils

NOTE: The Fragrance Oils will be moving soon.  In the works is our New Candle Supply website and hope to open around Jan. 2020 (our fragrance oil list will start out small and grow from there).
Description: Strong Fragrance Oils, Candle Waxes, Accessories, & More!
Great Prices and Reasonable Shipping Rates.

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Our Great Diffuse that Fragrance Oils are Now in one place with our candles and home decor.  

Don't Miss Out on this Amazing Fragrance Experience with Diffuse that Fragrance's Ceramic core Diffusers and Fragrance Oils.  Just add a few drops of Fragrance Oil to your Diffuser for an Amazing Aroma!

Diffuse that Fragrance offers Strongly Scented, Concentrated, Uncut Fragrance Oils. 

~Add 6-8 Drops (or more depending on your strength preference) to the water of your Diffuser.
~Choose from 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz Sizes.  Oils are Measured by Weight Not Volume
~Comes in a HDPE bottle with regular and dispensing cap.

These oils can also be used in Candlemaking and in Tart Warmers.

Tart Warmer use Instructions:  To use fill your warmer bowl with water 1/2-3/4 full and add approx. 9 drops of oil, check your water 
often for evaporation and the need to redo the process.

Candlemaking- Add approx. 1.5 ounces per pound (16oz) of soy/paraffin wax.

This Oil is not a perfume and should not be used on the skin or in bath & body products.

Keep Away from Children & Pets, Use in Well Ventilated Area & Protect Skin with use. Do Not Consume.
Fragrance Oils may come in contact with candle wax and color in our facility.